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Credit Card Processing 101 - Shared screen with speaker view
Rebecca Meehan
Thank you for this valuable info about this confusing and expensive subject! How do you work with this? Do you do consults to determine if someone should go with you and best options?
Lauren Schmitt
Is it true that your contract with credit cards say that you are not allowed to set a minimum for credit? Like, cash required for purchases under $10, etc.
Emily Keebler
Are there any regulations around passing on fees? I recently went to a restaurant that gave prices on the menu and then said they add a % if you want to pay with a credit card.
Himani Jain
Thank you for the info. Do you have any input in regards to Stripe? v/s Authorize.net
Sarah Cohen
This may change from Processing system to system but are credit card fees returned to the merchant if the merchant refunds a customer’s purchase? Does the merchant pay fees twice for each transaction?
Stacey Etherson
do we choose whether we get interchange pricing> or who decides? thank you.
Stacey Etherson
thank you!